Slide 5 - Protection
Helping Protect and reduce metal fatigue
Reduce metal fatigue, wear, carbon built-up and maintenance cost.
Slide 6 - Bakery Lubricants
Petrochem Bakery Lubricants, Ovens, Proffers, Cooler, Refrigeration, Gears, Hydraulics, Airlines, Ir Compressors
Bakery Lubricants
Lubricants for all Bakery Applications: Ovens, Proofers, Cooler & Refrigeration Conveyors, Gears, Hydraulics, Airlines, Air Compressors, Release Agents, Greases and White Mineral Oils.
Slide 7 - Efficiency
Synthetic Graphite's and Synthetic Oils
Synthetic Graphite's and Synthetic Oils can be used on tunnel and tray pin/roller chains to maximize 24/7 production hours, eliminate downtime and improve energy cost.
Slide 8 - Industrial Lubricants
efficiency, reliability and lower energy consumption.s oil
Industrial Lubricants
Proven track record for keeping equipment running at peak efficiency, reliability and lower energy consumption.
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Petrochem, Inc. Offers Safe Reliable Machinery Lubricants and Sells Oven, Proofer, and Cooler Chain Lubricants to Food Processing, Bread and Tortilla Bakeries Worldwide. Petrochem Lubricants Have Earned Many OEM Approvals.

You can download our complete updated product list:

We Supply High-Performance Premium Food Grade and Industrial Oven Chain Lubricants, Gear, Hydraulic, Greases, Air Compressor, and White Mineral Oils.

Oven Chain Oil made in the USA

- Jill Dohner. Business Director, Petrochem.

Our Customers Include Many Bakeries That Produce McDonald’s, Burger King’s, And Wendy’s Rolls And Buns Worldwide. We Have A Proven Record Of Success In Selling High Quality Lubricants and In Cleaning Oven And Proofer Chains With Our Own Method Of Cleaning Procedures.